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Center for Electron Microscopy, Tianjin University of Technology

No. 391, Binshui West Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin 300384, China

Tel:  0086-22-60216409

About CEM  
About CEM



          Center for Electron Microscopy (CEM) in Tianjin University of Technology (TUT) was founded in 2015. CEM focuses on characterizing atomic structures and chemical information of surfaces and interiors of materials and their evolutions during active services at atomic resolution (AR) by combining aberration-corrected (AC) electron microscopy, AR spectroscopies, characterization of interatomic electric fields, tomography of structural information, in-situ electron microscopy and so on. These capabilities can reveal the origins of the properties of materials and give scientific guides for designing new high-performance materials. CEM has 3 transmission electron microscopes (including one with a probe corrector and the high-end model of Titan Cubed Themis G2 300, one Talos F200X and one Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN), 1 dual-beam instrument with focused-ion beam and electron beam (Helios NanoLab 460HP), and 2 scanning electron microscopes (Verios 460L and Quanta FEG 250). CEM has a core staff of 14, including 1 Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry,2 professors, 4 lecturers, 1 postdoctoral researchers, 5 engineers and 1 assistant to the director.  

         Since its official establishment on October 15, 2016, CEM has been focusing on providing high-level scientific research testing services with high-level scientific research capabilities, In addition to conducting high-level scientific research, we have also provided high-quality testing services for more than 400 enterprises and research groups all over the seas. These research works have resulted in the publication of a number of articles in scientific journals across the world, including at least 14 in Nature/Science series and 20 in Adv. Mater. /JACS/Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

地址:天津市西青区宾水西道391号  邮编:300384

电话(传真):0086-22-60216416  邮箱:yxny@tjut.edu.cn